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Terms and Conditions of Sale

1-The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale are concluded between :

On one hand, SARL NEWTON SERVICES, a company incorporated under French law and identified by the number RCS Rennes B 832 545 255 , whose registered office is located at 5 rue du lin, 35510 - Cesson-sévigné.

And on the other hand, any legal entity or individual, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, whether under public or private law, contracting for one or more services provided by SARL NEWTON SERVICES.

2-These General Conditions of Sale govern the framework within which SARL NEWTON SERVICES provides the Customer with the service(s) to which the Customer has subscribed.

3-The subscription of the Customer to one (of the) offer (s) proposed by the SARL NEWTON SERVICES implies the full comprehension by the Customer of the present General Conditions of Sale.

4-The present General Conditions of Sale and the possible applicable Particular Conditions are governed by the French legislation.

5-La SARL NEWTON SERVICES assumes an obligation of means with the titles of present. Within this framework, the SARL NEWTON SERVICES will take care to bring all the diligence required to provide a service of quality.

6-La SARL NEWTON SERVICES could not be held for person in charge (S) of the compensation for the direct and/or indirect damage undergone by the Customer, in particular because of the execution or the bad execution of (S) service (S).

7-The Customer commits himself respecting, in the contents which it diffuses via the service(s) provided by the SARL NEWTON SERVICES, the legal and lawful prescriptions in force.

8-The service(s) of the Customer can be suspended immediately by the SARL NEWTON SERVICES without notice, formal notice or prejudice in the case or the SARL NEWTON SERVICES would receive to this effect a notice notified by a competent authority or in case of flagrant abuse (SPAM, PISHING...)

9-La SARL NEWTON SERVICES provides a web hosting service and not a storage service. The use of our servers for archiving/backup/storage purposes or any other similar activity is not permitted. The resources made available (disk space/CPU/RAM/Bandwidth) must be used legitimately and reasonably.

10-On VPS servers, any illegal or suspicious activity (including intrusion, hacking, sniffing, spoofing) is prohibited. Support on these offers is limited to network/hardware problems.

11-A 99.9% availability is guaranteed every month for our hosting offers, reseller hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers. If availability falls below 99.9%, SARL NEWTON SERVICES undertakes to compensate the customer by offering 1 month free. This request can only be made within 30 days of the end of the month concerned.

12-Any event presenting the characters of unforeseeability, exteriority with one or the other of the parts and irresistibility is regarded as a case of absolute necessity and suspends with this title the obligations of the present General Conditions of Sale and exonerates SARL NEWTON SERVICES of any responsibility.

13-The following events are considered to be cases of force majeure, without this list being exhaustive: natural and industrial disasters, strikes, civil or foreign wars, attacks, riots, civil commotion, material failure or failure of one or more communication networks.

14-Backups must be made regularly by the customer, except for outsourced customers. SARL NEWTON SERVICES cannot be held responsible in the event of data loss (hard disk breakage or other).

15-La SARL NEWTON SERVICES grants the Customer a withdrawal period of fourteen (14) calendar days following payment of the order without the need to give any reason. This right applies to all products except registered domain names and activated SSL certificates. No refunds are made on renewals, whatever the product.

16-The total amount to be paid is indicated on the invoice created for each order or renewal of service(s) in the administration space of the Customer on the site of SARL NEWTON SERVICES This amount is payable in euros, US dollars or pounds sterling.

17-La SARL NEWTON SERVICES reserves the right to modify the prices of the services offered at any time.

18-Prior to the expiration of the Customer's service(s), SARL NEWTON SERVICES will inform the Customer by at least 1 (one) e-mail to the contact address indicated on the Customer's account. In addition, the expiry date(s) of the customer's service(s) are indicated in the customer area.

19-Customers may renew their service(s) before they expire, at the price in force on the day of renewal. Renewal is possible up to 5 days after the product's expiry date. After this period, SARL NEWTON SERVICES cannot guarantee the continuity of the subscribed service.

20-The generation of an invoice does not oblige the customer to pay it. To cancel a product, the customer may not pay the corresponding invoice. The customer may also request cancellation of the service at any time by online ticket or by post.

21-The customer designates SARL NEWTON SERVICES as an authorized intermediary to change the information related to a domain name on his behalf.

22-The Customer and the SARL NEWTON SERVICES agree expressly that the SARL NEWTON SERVICES will be able to carry modifications with its General Conditions of Sale constantly on its Internet site http://www.n-services.net.

23-Any violation of these General Conditions of Sale could involve the immediate suspension of the service(s) of the Customer by the SARL NEWTON SERVICES, without notice, setting in residence or damage.