Cookie usage policy

Welcome to the NEWTON SERVICES website.

Our cookie policy is designed to inform you about how we use browsing data, or any other information related to access and use of the sites and other media (banner ads, emails...), directly or through advertising content on other sites.

You will also find information on your rights and how to exercise them.

What is a cookie?

The term "cookie" or "tracer" refers to small files containing a string of characters, stored by your Internet browser on your terminal (computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.). A cookie alone cannot identify you by name. On the other hand, it records information relating to your browsing on the Website, such as your preferences for example, which may be directly read by our servers during your subsequent visits and requests on the Website.

What are cookies used for ?

Most of the cookies that may be deposited or read during your browsing on the Website are used solely to optimize your browsing on the Website and to enable you to access certain services on the Website. Refusal of these cookies may therefore impair your experience on the Website, or even prevent you from accessing certain services offered on the Website.

Cookies essential to the provision of the service you have requested may also be deposited. For example, they enable us to retain your choice of interface personalization throughout your browsing on the Website, or to keep your session open during your browsing on the Website, after you have logged in and until you log out.

Some cookies are used for statistical and audience measurement purposes so that NEWTON SERVICES can improve its services and its Website. These cookies are anonymous.

How to control and/or object to the storage of cookies on your terminal ?

The storage of cookies on your terminal requires your consent, except when they are strictly necessary to provide you with a service you have requested or are exclusively intended to enable or facilitate electronic communication. Cookies used exclusively for statistical or audience measurement purposes, which are anonymous, do not require your prior consent, but you may object to them being stored on your terminal. When you visit the Website, a banner informs you of the presence of these cookies and invites you to consent or not to their storage on your terminal. They are only stored if you accept them or if you continue your browsing on the Website by visiting a second page of the Website or by clicking on an element of the Website. This consent is valid for 13 months, which is the maximum retention period for our cookies. At the end of this period, your consent will be requested again.

You can also configure your cookies to accept or reject them at any time. You can do this by selecting the "Internet preferences" option on your browser. However, refusal of certain cookies may reduce or even prevent your access to certain services offered on the Site.